You know you are boring when

Mind and soul


In no particular order and certainly not exhaustive:

  1. You have become the ideal you
  2. You spend more time in front of the screen (size doesn’t matter) than staring at the sky or laughing with friends
  3. You hold on to the past like a hamster in its cage
  4. You moan to other people’s joy and fun
  5. You no longer laugh at yourself
  6. You are bored more than 30′ a day
  7. You criticize your beloved (s)
  8. You gave up criticizing your beloved (s)
  9. You stick to old rules
  10. You can’t make up a story with three words
  11. You use more often the word dislike than like (and not only as a touch button)
  12. You don’t care
  13. You don’t see the point anymore
  14. You don’t like watermelon juice
  15. You don’t see that anything in this world are just ideas.
  16. You think I am boring

2 thoughts on “You know you are boring when

  1. Ahh, at least I love watermelon juice and YOU are not boring my dear🙂.This list makes my Friday much better, thanks PeeledOnion. The right words at the right time.

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