The brilliant mind and the dancer

Mind and soul

IMG_9634Not too long ago, I didn’t regard any higher authority than a brilliant mind. After all, I was raised as a French girl and there are two key pillars in our education:

  1. Descartes‘ rational genius: Cogito Ergo Sum (which we obviously had to learn and quote in latin)
  2. Pascal‘s safe bet about God’s existence (which I regarded as a proof of religions weaknesses).

Everything in my life was ordered around the conceptual mind. Concept, strategy, ideas were my favorite words.

About 15 years ago, I started dancing flamenco after work and what raptured my mind was of course the exactitude of the steps rhythmically falling on the guitar notes and the perfection of the  body movement enhancing the drama. I was a dancer and after a few years of practice I managed to reach a point where I no longer had to count the tiempos and contratiempos and could really enjoy letting go in the dance. Sometimes.

As much as I was striving to feel the complete harmony between guitar, dance and cante, I had not realized that my approach was mostly intellectual. I was the dancer and exactly what I was looking for was not going to happen this way.

What I was missing is to genuinely let go of the conceptual mind. I recently found my answer: we are not dancers, we are the dance. The Dancer is life itself and letting go to its choreography and style is all we have to do.

Slowly slowly, I become familiar with this fundamental truth and imagine how the world would be if everyone could live by this. An amazing symphony.

But that is already conceptualization again…

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