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Services Overview

Working in the specialist flooring sector for over 37 years, we fully understand the requirements for a multitude of different spaces.

Whether you are looking to re floor your office spaces or reception areas or require specialist anti-static or infection control flooring our specialist design team guide and advise you on what flooring solution will work the best for you.

Types of flooring that we supply include –

  • Anti – static
  • Anti – slip
  • Anti – spill
  • Luxury vinyl
  • Specialised coatings
  • Long life

In addition to identifying the correct type of flooring we also provide floor preparation which can include screeding to ensure your floors are level. In addition, we are also to provide specialist solution flooring for sensitive machinery/equipment that require the floor not to generate any electrical discharge.


High risk installations

We are fully trained and qualified to install flooring solutions within healthcare premises where there may be risk from potential patients. Obviously we carry tools including blades as part of our installation, each of our fitters are trained to make sure that all tools are safe and the need to ensure the safety of area/other people/patients during an installation.

As each floor is bespoke both in it’s requirements and size of area we provide a full no obligation quote, design and guidance consultation before we undertake any installation.


Our NHS Work

Specialist supplier of flooring solutions to NHS trusts, from clinics, doctors surgeries to hospitals.

Providing flooring to this sector can carry some unique challenges. During our time working within this sector we have helped hospitals with flooring solutions such as –

Anti-slip flooring – designed specifically for shower/bathing areas

Anti-static flooring – specifically where sensitive equipment is used such as MRI scanners.

Dementia flooring – it is now understood that different colours/shades of flooring can help
dementia sufferers, commonly we utilise an anti-slip solution to ensure a fully safe floor

Often we are asked to provide a change of use solution, where perhaps an area of the hospital/clinic/surgery has been redesigned to function differently and require an alternative type of flooring to best suit the new use. Our design team work with you to fully understand the change and provide the most suitable recommendation and flooring type.



Our HealthCare Work

We understand the different areas within healthcare establishment and recommend the perfect solution for each area

Entrance areas

These areas require long lasting flooring solutions, that often are anti-slip and easy to clean and maintain due to the high volumes of traffic, not only from visitors but from round the clock staff

Wards and Corridors

Often our recommendations consist of a combination of flooring solutions and types for these areas from infection control, hard wearing, easy maintenance and cleaning to non slip coverings.

Operating theatres, intensive care units & imaging diagnostic facilities

For areas that require specialised flooring types, such as electro static discharge (ESD) protection or increased slip resistance, our flooring solutions are specifically designed to meet these highly sensitive areas.
• It must comply with stringent hygiene regulations preventing hospital-acquired infections.
• It must meet any necessary safety requirements.
• It must prevent any electrostatic discharges as these can cause malfunctions

Water based areas, spillages

Our flooring solutions for these areas utilise the technology in anti-slip and anti-spill flooring. Ensuring that patients, staff and visitors are protected from slipping whether they are using shower/toilet facilities or been exposed to spillages.



Our Government Work

With extensive experience and long term flooring contracts we understand the needs of a multitude of flooring solutions within the public sector.

Whether we are looking at high traffic buildings and areas (magistrates courts) to complete council office flooring solutions our creative design team guide and advise you on the best solution for each area.

Working within strict budgets and timelines we are able to install the very latest flooring styles and types to suit each area of your building.

Whether you need specialised flooring such as anti-slip or anti-static (ESD) or hardwearing wood/vinyl we are able to supply and install solutions from the leading flooring manufacturers.


Not all flooring needs to be just functional so we also work on the aesthetics of your floors and our designers can help you create stunning looking floors.


Often we find that having a longer term contract for flooring solutions is beneficial as we are able to agree pricing, timelines, health and safety requirements in advance.

Our current public sector contracts have really enabled us to get to know the buildings, the people and the requirements helping us to deliver a great service each and every installation.



Our Corporate Work

Creating exciting working environments often starts with the choice of flooring. During our consultation with you we identify the type of workspace you are trying to create.

Whether you are looking for an industrial look to a New York style apartment or even a cosy and comfortable feel we are able to install every type of floor covering to make your offices look stunning!


With access to the market leading manufacturers and 37 years of helping to transform office spaces we are apply to design, supply and install to any size of office, large or small.

Although based from our main Derbyshire location our work is delivered across the UK. Recent projects have included, however, has seen our teams completing installations internationally for some of our larger clients.


With all work being fully guaranteed and our floor coverings with long manufacturer warranties your peace of mind when choosing to work with us is assured.

If you want something a little more imaginative for your office why not get in touch with our creative team and create an amazing floor to impress your clients and staff!



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